Author Guidlines:


  1. The Journal encourages the submission of works in the specified disciplines in a variety of styles including articles, case-studies, review essays, book reviews and other scholarly pieces.
  2. Only original and unpublished work is sought for consideration of publication in the Journal. The submission of manuscript is open throughout the year on rolling basis. Since the periodicity of the publication is bi-annual in nature, manuscript submitted till June 30 will be considered for September issue and till November 30 will be for February issue.
  3. Any manuscript that is identical to or substantially similar to a work already published or under review for conference / publication will not be considered.
  4. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, all correspondence will be with the first named author.
  5. Receipt of all manuscripts will be acknowledged.
  6. Each submission will be blind reviewed for technical merit and content.
  7. The first page of the manuscript should be the title page. It should contain the title of the manuscript and the name, designation and affiliation of the author along with the address, phone/fax number and email address of each contributor.
  8. The second page should contain the manuscript title, the abstract (not more than 150 words) and keywords (a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 words)
  9. All the figures and tables should appear at the end of the manuscript. They should be properly numbered in Arabic notation and bear appropriate title and labels.
  10. The Full Paper submission should normally be of 3000-5000 words including figures and tables typed in double space and printed in 12-point font on A-4 size paper with 1 inch margin on all four sides. All tables and figures must be serially numbered, sequentially following references to them in the text. All exhibits should be in black and white only.
  11. The manuscript should not contain footnotes. References should be placed at the end of the manuscript after the figures and tables. The references should mention only those sources, which are cited in the text of the manuscript.
  12. The first paragraph of any section, including the introduction, should not be indented. Major headings should be left justified and bold with one line above and one line below the heading to separate it from the text.
  13. Authors are advised to follow uniform citation and referencing style throughout the manuscript. The authors are asked to download the template and follow the instruction while preparing the manuscript for publication.